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What formula would I use to import all rows of multiple sheets that do not have a color fill to the last sheet for a sort of collective chart.

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If I understand your question correctly you can use the =VSTACK() command to combine data sets across multiple sheets, i.e. =VSTACK(Sheet1!A1:K15, Sheet2!A1:K15) will first place A1:K15 from Sheet1 on top of A1:K15 from Sheet2. This can also be expanded to as many sheets/data sets as you wanted by adding more array references. If you then wanted to color code these you could mess around in the conditional formatting color rules. Fair warning: I am fairly certain this solution only pastes the values within the data referenced and will not carry over formatting.


If you are wondering about importing data and sorting, coloring, bordering (basically any automatic formatting) based off of unique values within a data set, that would require knowledge of VBA.


Depending on your scale of "data" or rows to carry over, you could also set cells on one sheet equal to the cells on the other sheet. Again, depends on what output you're looking for.


If I had a little more input into the project, I might be able to offer more help, but that's what I can offer with the information available.