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I've had a number of colds and after covid, I was thinking I would like to record over the course of a year when I have a cold. I wasn't sure how I should be inputting my data into a sheet. I wanted to add date, with a range of how long I had a cold. Then a column graph of those spikes when I had a cold in a year. I am a pretty basic excel user. I was wondering if anyone can give me some some suggestions on how to setup my sheet.


Be much appreciated, thank you.

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Check out the attached workbooks. The area highlighted in green is where you enter the data.

@Hans Vogelaar You have literally put a whole year down of dates, is the a quick way to do that?


I entered the 1st of January. With that cell selected, I clicked Fill > Series... in the Editing group on the Home tab of the ribbon.

In the dialog, I selected Columns, and entered the 31st of December in the "Stop value" box, then clicked OK.