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I've created a spread sheet and am sharing it with the VP of the company but she is unable to copy and paste into the document...….can someone please tell me what the problem is and how to rectify it? the doc is not protected or password protected. Thank you for your help.

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HI @Nancy52! Are you working on SharePoint and sharing it with your VP? If so, you both have not the same permission levels, I guess. If not, pls describe more about that sharing process. Greets, Eva.

Hello Eva,

Thank you for acknowledging my question. I am sharing within OneDrive and I have given her permissions to work within the doc. Do you think that there is some other issue?

Hello @Nancy52! If you don´t mind i would ask another question: Do you use it on a private Microsoft account with the VP or are you both as Users in the same Outlook Group on your companies' environment? Is it then administrated by an admin or not? Your Office 365 Admin can manage it, that you and your VP share same permissions on several files (not only that one specific file) within an O365 Group. Thus she or he can give you both the same permission level on that special group. OneDrive is only a SharePoint Clone, without SharePoint, but the techniques under it are quite the same. Hope that helps and have a Sunday. Greets, Eva. Additionally I found a good video for you for privately sharing files on Onedrive on yt: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PIQHN0jEvzY
Thank you!!!!!
😊 you er welcome! Give a Like if it works! Greets, Eva
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