Clustered and Stacked column chart combined

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Dear all,
I have been trying to make this graph shown in the attached figure. However, I'm having some problems.
I have three variables, two of which would be in the Stacked Column chart and the other in the Clustered Column. The two graphs side by side.
I even tried to make it dynamic, but I couldn't. I would like to show only the months I have data. When there is no data for some month, then the month would not appear. Is that even possible?
Another problem I encountered was that I was not able to place the max and min lines on the Clustered Column chart. I have average, maximum and minimum data. The average data would be the bar graph and the maximum and minimum would be the lines on the graph.
Could someone please help me?
I have restriction that needs to work in Office 2016 and cannot use VBA or Power Query.

Thanks, in advance!

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