Client Error - Arrow keys don't move between cells (Not Scroll Lock Issue)

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Not sure if anyone else as encountered this issue. 

I have 2 client pc's running office 365 and randomly during extensive Excel usage their pages will almost freeze/lock up and their arrow keys no longer move between cells. Please note this is not he scroll lock issue where it changes the arrows from moving between cells to moving the whole page. 

Once the issue occurs the end user must change tabs or workbooks & return to the original workbook in order to continue working. 

Any thoughts? Solutions?



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I have a related problem in that the arrow keys are working as if the scroll-lock is ON, ( which I found that it WAS) but I have now turned the scroll-lock OFF and yet arrow keys still scroll the page instead of moving the highlighted/current cell. I am having to use the touchpad to select a different cell which is driving me nuts


OOPS - the way I thought I was turning off the scroll lock hadn't worked - I subsequently tried using the "On-screen keyboard" to turn off the scroll-lock & that seems to have fixed my (non-problem"
it would be awesome if the scroll state in excel properly follows the actual scroll state and better still the shortcuts stop changing. (It would also be nice if HP didnt remove the scroll lock key but thats a different issue entirely.)


I tried the ON-screen keyboard solution and it didn't make any difference, so I'm still looking for a solution.