Circumventing the fact that dynamic arrays can't spill in tables

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I have a column with dates and I am trying to make a column next to it that contains the project name of the project that is 'in process' at each of those dates (see vertical image). 


The project names are in column 'Assignment ID' in another table (see horizontal image). The start and end date of the project are also in that table: 'Assignment deadline' and 'Grading/Feedback Deadline'.


I wanted to use dynamic arrays to create the new column. The arrays won't spill. however. And it works if I add some VBA. Is there, however, a non-VBA way to solve this? I won't be able to use the VBA solution in my case.


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@CGBakker , nope, spills and tables are not married

Thank you, for replying.

Do you know if any other way of making the column I described? I can't seem to find an alternative.


Is it necessary to be a table? You may use one spill with calendar dates and another one to the right of it with project names.