Circular reference on simple formula

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Hi, I have this complex file which have no circular reference at all, but it keeps warning me about them. I have tried everything i know and still not able to find how to fix it.

I deleted every single formula, i deleted all the sheets, and still same error. I tried deleting macros, and everything.

I have uploaded the file here with macro

and in case you dont feel safe about macro, here is without the macro



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I have checked cell E826 which refers to E825 which refers to E829 which refers to E825... here is the circular reference.

There is no circular reference within a cell but circulates to itself through other cells.

Also, the reference only occurs in 'Main' Sheet and noticed that the reference does not occur in the first table (411). This is questionable because both 411 and 412 are similar but shows different calculating formulas. Is this correct?

Thanks! You were right on that error @NowshadAhmed nevertheless still gives me circular reference error after fixing that.

If you look into the Chart tab, it says circular reference in E24 which is the date, and is the same as happends in main sheet.

I cant figure our why.


i fixed the difference between 411 and others! tks for heads up!

When I checked for all circular referrences, they were all in the Main sheet. Will check again and let you know.