Circles on the opposite corners of a the Excel cell

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I was helping someone with their Excel spreadsheet and they had trouble selecting cells. 


I was remote - using TeamViewer - and could easily select cells, do multi-select, and resize columns.


But this user was tapping on a cell and instead of looking like a typical selected cell (with a darker, thicker border) it looks like this:



 What are those circles in the corners of the cell for. 

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That looks like Excel for Android phones and tablets.

The circles can be dragged to select more or fewer cells.

Interesting. She had this problem for several days, then, after we closed the TeamViewer session she called to say the circles were no longer there.

Would her Surface Pro do this if she was tapping on the touchscreen? It’s like it went into tablet mode for a while.


Yes, any touch screens (okay, at least ones which I know) have such behaviour.