Chr() now doesn't work !

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"All of a sudden" - Chr() now doesn't work !

So "everything" now grinds to a halt.

Presumably this is yet another Microsoft downgrade :(

Here are some examp;es

Num2Col = Char(i + 64) & Num2Col '

myPos = InStr(myText, Chr(34))

i = InStr(Txt$, Chr(34))
J = InStr(Mid$(Txt$, i + 1), Chr(34))

Crib = "=" & Chr(34) & "From Pt. "

ShowDMS = Ans$ & Degs(DegRs) & Chr(176) & " " & Mins(DegRs) & Chr(39) & " " & Round(Secs(DegRs), Points) & Chr(34)


How do I overcome this ?

Pretty please ?


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Num2Col = Char(i + 64) & Num2Col


should be


Num2Col = Chr(i + 64) & Num2Col

Thank you for your comment.
I have a "Function Char() that deals with that - confusing, I know ! - but that's not the problem.
I now find that VBA also baulks at Left() and Right() !, so there is some serious challenge here !


In the Visual Basic Editor, select Tools > References...

The references that are in use are listed at the top; their check boxes are ticked.

Does one of those begin with MISSING: ? If so, clear its check box.

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Thank you for that.
I checked, and YES !

Location: K:\Excel\LELTACS\NavNLU.xla

So thither I went, and did a search in that folder and . . .

Date modified: 23/06/2022 08:40
Size: 377 KB

So it IS there, but I guess I was correct; that Microsoft has downgraded / interferred, for that is the date Excel stopped working.

So I started to "fiddle around", and in Excel I found > Developer > Add-ins > Excel Add-ins - and THERE was the Suspect. So I clicked on it, and . . .

Microsoft Excel cannot access the file 'K:\Excel\LELTACS\NavNLU.xla'. There are several possible reasons:
• The file name or path does not exist.
• The file is being used by another program.
• The workbook you are trying to save has the same name as a currently open workbook.

Well, none of those apply, so I then went to that folder, found the file and clicked on it -

Microsoft Excel
The last time you opened 'NavNLU.xIa', it caused a serious error. Do you still want to open it?

So I clicked on "Yes", and it seems to have re-instated with (so far) no ill effects !

So all seems to be well.

Thank you !