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We are trying to turn parent checklist into narratives


My child uses words more than gestures to communicate (checked yes)

My child uses 1-2 words to gain wants and needs (checked sometimes)

Narrative to say:

Parent reported that X uses more words to communicate and sometimes uses 1-2 words to gain wants and needs. 

Can someone lead us into the direction of how to search this?

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You can join text using functions like CONCATENATE or CONCAT or just use the join operator '&'

You may need to have another cell (maybe hidden) with the actual text you want to append if checked.

Then you can =IF(D1="yes", E1,"") & IF(D2="yes", E2,"") &IF(D3="yes", E3,"") & ...

Where column D is where they mark it "yes" and column E (hidden?) is the actual text to append.

PS (sorry for the correction but the prior was a response to another thread)

Another option that is probably 'cleaner' is to use a series of formulas in that hidden column E of the format: =IF(D1="yes","Parent reported child uses words more than gestures","") which is also helpful because you can add in the alternative text: =IF(D1="yes","Parent reported child uses words more than gestures","Parent reported child uses gestures more than words.") Then at the bottom you can use =CONCAT(E:E)