Checkboxes shifting when opened on smaller laptops vs. larger laptops and monitors

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I have been working on a semi-complex form in excel. The form includes checkboxes, drop-down selection lists, fillable fields, etc... I use a Dell Precision 15 inch, my coworker uses a Dell Inspiron 13 inch. When setting up the form I did all my work on my two monitors, in sending it over to my supervisor for review, the formatting all stayed the same and looked as it should (she also uses monitors). The coworker with the Inspiron 13 inch reported that the checkboxes are shifted down and over to the left, ruining the formatting. I opened the sheet on my laptop to see if the issue carried over, and it didn't. So then I opened it on my personal laptop (also an Inspiron 13 inch), and was able to see the issue my coworker had discussed. I haven't heard from any other people on my team who are testing this out, regarding the formatting issue. I have tried several solutions, including moving the form to my personal laptop, fixing the formatting, and then sending it back over to my coworker.


I am hoping someone might have a solution to prevent the checkboxes from shifting? I am including a screen-print of the issued (how it should look, vs how it ends up looking).






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Enable developer tools in advance


ALT+F11 VBA opens

Click draft mode

Go to the box with the right mouse button.

Format Control-->Properties tab-->Depend on cell position and size.



Hope I was able to help you with this info.



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Thank you for sharing this, I gave it a shot, but sadly no luck. I am still experiencing the issue of the checkboxes shifting over.


With your permission, if I may recommend, provide more information.

You'll get a quicker and more accurate answer, and those who want to help don't have to invest time guessing the problem.

What I recommend: Always inform about your Excel version, operating system, storage medium/hard drive, OneDrive, Sharepoint, etc.).

If possible, add a file (without sensitive data) and use this file to describe your project step by step, or add photos with the appropriate description.

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Don't forget that not every Excel user has a clue about every job and that what you see he can't see.

In this link you will find some more information about it:

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I know I don't know anything (Socrates)