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I need to find out how do I set up in Excel:

select name "Roman" - it put to second cell "Manager"

select name "Andreas" or "Claus" - it put to second cell "Production Manager"

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It looks like you need dependent drop-down list, sample is here Dependent Drop-down Lists in Excel - Easy Excel Tutorial ( or you may google for much more posts.

Thanks a lot. It is what I need
It is not worked


Could you please provide small sample file?

Off course. How can I put here attachment?


In Reply check "browse" or just drag the file. If you have older interface it shall be small "attachment" icon somewhere here.




Thank you for the file. I'd add the table somewhere in workbook which maps names and positions


better in separate sheet and you may hide it after the workbook is ready.

For the names we create drop-down list in data validation using first column of the name. Position will be picked-up by formula like

=INDEX(tblPositions[Position], MATCH($D$4,tblPositions[Name],0))

or you may use VLOOKUP() or XLOOKUP() or simple LOOKUP() if you are more familiar with them.


@Sergei Baklan I guess I'm stupid, I can't do it. Could you do this to me in this file, please? The first sheet - there it has to be (cell D61 and D63), the last sheet, there are given those names and positions - column Q and R.



To be more flexible we use dynamic range for data validation list with names as


When position will be returned as


@Sergei Baklan Hello Mr. Baklan, could me tell me how I can change "Vedúci" to "Vedúci výroby pre oblasť zvárania podvozkov"?

Thanks a lot


That's since D61 was formatted with Wrap Text. With that to scroll it or expand the size of the row. Or remove Wrap Text - that will be as in attached.

@Sergei Baklan Fantaaastic :-).. The last thing, I swear, Claus Steiner has to have also "Vedúci výroby pre oblasť zvárania podvozkov".

Thanks a lot


@EvaSopuchova82 , you are welcome, added.

If other names/positions keep adding the in columns R and S


@Sergei BaklanYou are fantaaaaastic!


@EvaSopuchova82 , glad to help, good luck