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Hi, I am working on creating cost tables and I was wondering if there is a way to link checkbox values to certain cells. I have a document attached to help show what I am trying to do. On the right I want to be able to check a box such as 24" and have the labor and extra cost values to transfer over into the cells on the left. 

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See the attached version. I have changed the linked cell of the check boxes to the cell in the same row in column J, and used column J in the formulas.

You can hide column J if you wish.

Thank you @Hans Vogelaar, that does help me a little bit. I didn't make my previous post clear enough sadly I guess. I can only have one check box selected so I couldn't have the SUMIF function. Could you still answer my question now that I have made it more clear?
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You need option buttons instead o check boxes for that. Each group of option buttons is enclosed in a hidden group box, to separate them.


It could be option boxes within 2 group boxes that you need.


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No problem!