Check if same column on different sheets based on column A

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I have two excel sheets "January" and "February". They have the same columns but with different values.

Column A in both sheets is the project name, column B is the project status (Active, Cancelled or Completed).

I would like to see how projects have changed status between January and February by creating a column ("Status change") which displays the status of February, only if it differs from the status on that project in January. Note that there may be new projects that are not in the "January" sheet.

Is there a straight-forward formula for this?


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If you want Status Change on the February sheet, enter the following formula in row 2:


=IFERROR(IF(XLOOKUP(A2, January!A:A, January!B:B)=B2, "Same", Changed from "&XLOOKUP(A2, January!A:A, January!B:B)), "New")