Check if date is latest (with multiple criteria)

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I am designing an Excel sheet but unfortunately, I am unable to figure out one formula and I was hoping that one of the brilliant minds in this community is able to help me :). 

In the 'is latest?' column I would like to check if it is the latest entry of a specific company and criteria. The table will be used to pivot data so I would like to use a filter to be able to do both 'now' analysis as well as trend analysis. 

For example:

IF A2 = A2 & IF C2 = C2 & IF D2 = D2 THEN check if F2 = latest.

Is this formula possible? And how should I formulate it?


If you require further explanation please, let me know. I would be forever grateful! 


I am using Excel 2010 but have accessibility to excel 2013. 

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Hi Hongi,


You may check by


Please see attached

Thanks Sergei! 


This works excellent!