Check column for specific value, and if its found, copy the value of the previous cell

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I`m doing some expenses calculation and I was wondering if there is a way to search for specific text in a column and if it finds that text to copy the value of the previous cell to the selected one.


For Example for the phone bill I would like to search column J for text "A1" and if there is such cell to copy the value of the previous cell which is "10" to the one I need - C4


I saw something similar in the below thread:


Could you please help? 


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You may store your search text in A4, then enter this formula in C4: 


The foregoing formula shall return 10, as shown below: 

Search Lookup.PNG

@Twifoo it works very well for me Thank you .


In addition do you think I can add multiple values in A4 cell? 

for example "A1"; "A2"?


I suggest you store additional search text in another cell.