Check Cells according to rows match

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I did use conditional formatting to check which cells match, however I want to check if both the cells in the column C and U match according to row.

i.e. 100x100 (Beige Khaki) - Polypropelene Fabric (cell C3) - is in row no. 3 and 100x100 (Beige Khaki) - Polypropelene Fabric (cell U3) are in the same row.


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@Somersetinventory Perhaps like this. Enter 




in S3 and copy it all the way down. TRUE means that the cells on the same row in columns C and U match, FALSE means that the don't. 

Thank you so much, I was just unnecessarily complicating things. @Riny_van_Eekelen 

@Somersetinventory Glad I could help!