check box for data input

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is it possible to insert a check box that if checked it will automatically populate a seperate worksheet and if unchecked it will not? for example: i want to auto copy some info on worksheet 1 to either worksheet 2 or 3 depending on wether the checkbox in d1 or e1 on worksheet 1 is checked.  is there a way to do this?

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In the attached sheet you can check / uncheck the boxes in cells D1 and E1 in order to show the values from column B in sheet2 and / or sheet3.

OH! thank you so much! what operation or formula do i use to get it to do this?


You can select developer -> insert controls -> check box (form control).



Then place the check box in any cell you want. Then right-click with the mouse and select format control.

right-click format control.JPG

In the format control screen choose checked ("Aktiviert") and any cell link ("Zellverknüpfung") and press OK.

format control.JPG

The cell link then displays TRUE or FALSE if the check box is checked or unchecked.