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Can you change the colors of each of the different lines of data in a chart?

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If you mean the series of a line chart or XY scatter chart: yes, click on a series, then click Format Selection on the Format tab of the ribbon. Each series can have a different color. You cannot, however, color the individual segments of a series individually.

As for the borders of the chart area and the plot area, the axes and the gridlines: you can color each of these independently of the others. But you cannot assign different colors to each individual major gridline, for example.

I am sure I'm not using the correct terms, but I am connecting a trendline in the chart from data. I have seven separate sets of data I want to each have its own colored trendline. If I click on a segment of a line then format, I can change each segment individually but that is time consuming


By default, each trendline will have the same color as the series it belongs to. If you want to change this, you have to do it for each trendline separately.

How would you like to simplify that?