Charts updating automatically from table.

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I have table, from which are updating many charts. And i don't know why, some of charts have stopped to update automatically. It have never happened before. I inserted new week in table, and half charts picked it up automatically, but some not.

How can i fix this?


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My guess: check the data source that is identified for each of charts. I'd guess that there is an inconsistency in those connections.


If you want more than a guess, it would help if you posted the workbook itself, so long as there's no confidential information in it.





Yeh you was right, when i went to select data, field "Chart data range" was empty, so i selected all table, updated "legend entries" and it is working now. And it was for all charts which didn't worked. Toke time to update them all .... have been working for weeks...and why it went blank....

(unfortunately i can't share file)