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The menu option for "Save As Template" is easily seen with a right-click on a chart. However, the reverse procedure is not evident. How is a saved template applied to a chart?

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Right-click the chart, choose Change Chart Type, click "Templates " in the category list and choose your template.

@Jan Karel Pieterse Thank you for your reply. This procedure was followed, with no result. The template is not applied to the chart. Screenshots of the results have been taken, in order of pressing "OK". The screenshots can't be attached because the "Upload" button on this web forum page is not working.

Odd indeed!

@Jan Karel Pieterse The German language pack was removed : no difference. Office 365 was completely removed, and reinstalled : just the same. Also, the formatting that was applied to one chart to make the template in the first place has disappeared, along with some data on other worksheets in the workbook, so I have to start again. It's too much to put up with in a subscription to professional software. Disappearing data has occurred before, and no resolution was ever found.

Odd, I've never had issues like these before and I've been using Office for over two decades.

Thank you for your reply. Would you please point me to a resolution? A large number of charts need formatting. 

@Halteres Some suggestions I got from a colleague:


"I wonder if his chart template has only one data series formatted, so the others are not appearing. For example, if he’s changing from a column chart to a one-series bar or stacked bar, it may be that the 2nd series is appearing as white against the white sheet background. It could be all kinds of things, but difficult to pinpoint without seeing the CRTX.


Also, it’s weird that the formatting from the original source chart has disappeared, and the CRTX wouldn’t affect the data in the other worksheets. Maybe he’s got a corrupt workbook? Or maybe he needs to reboot. (And why would he think the German language pack would be affecting it?)


I might suggest that he reboot and try this using some dummy data in a new blank workbook – that is, paste in some data, create a chart, apply some formatting, save it as a chart template. Create a few other charts and apply the chart template. Does it work?


Wonder if he’d be better off pasting formats?"


Hope this gets you somewhere.

@Halteres Could you upload your screenshots to a file sharing site, like