Chart of expenses over time

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I want to do something similar to the link below, but instead of amortizing throughout the period, I want it to keep adding. So if for example, for the renovation of flat between 2001-02-18 and 2010-03-18 it's $1000,  I want every date in that period to show $1000 plus the other expenses over that period.


Thank you!

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You've had nearly 60 views, no replies. I will suggest that this is because you're linking to yet another thread and asking people to go through that whole thing to just start to understand what you're wanting to do.


A better way to get a reply would be to post a copy of an actual workbook--your best effort at doing what you want to do--with your question or description of the difficulty you're encountering. You can post that copy on OneDrive or GoogleDrive, followed by pasting a link here that grants access to your file.