Chart Map - Japan Regions Not Recognized

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I am wondering if anyone knows whether Excel Chart Map will recognize Japan Regions?  (eg. Chuba, Kanto, etc.). My Japan Map comes out flat.  Perhaps I am not setting up the column name correctly (Region) or there are abbreviations for the Regions I'm not aware of?

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Yes, it's sensitive to column names. You may try like this



@Sergei Baklan Thank you!  This is awesome!  It is a step in the right direction.  I was trying to get it to break down this way if possible (not the colors).  In Japan they are called Regions but unsure 1. Whether Microsoft can do this or 2. If the column is called something else?


That's your choice to show colors or scale, that doesn't matter. Colum names are critical, Map Chart doesn't recognize abstract column names.