Chart Ideas - 1 to 4 Scale

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Hello all, I'm looking for some chart ideas to represent some data.  I use a scale of 1 to 4 to measure performance based on 8 different KPIs.  I'm looking for some design help or chart help. A creative way to represent the scores for my CSRs.  For example, I measure Tone as a KPI and I score using the following scale

Did Not Meet = 1

Needs Improvement = 2

Meets = 3

Exceeds = 4


If I have a CSR averaging a score of 3.5 for Tone, what chart would you use to represent that. I've used gauges in the past, and I think they are just sort of out of date type charts.  Looking for new and fresh ideas.  

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@rnelsch What a great idea! I like a Clustered Bar for this idea. It's almost like a race so let's try to reach and win. See if you can incorporate targets on your chart and give them gold stars