Chart color shading not correctly distributing colors

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In the attached screenshot you can see where I've tried to shade a chart and rather than continuous shades, it applies them haphazardly.


This seems to be an effect over time... where I delete and add new chart elements, and want it to reassign the colors from scratch, but it seems to have some memory of previous assignments.


As I constantly add and delete from this chart, I don't want to make the chart from scratch, and would rather have it forget whatever previous states, and assign colors continuously across the chart.




... using MacOS Excel version 16.61.1

Untitled 17.png

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... it appears Excel keeps an internal/representation that is not the same as in the "Legend Entries" list in the "Select Source Data" dialog. Even when "walking" through the table entries, t "tabs" between entries in an order other than listed. Occasionally, it displays entries in an order not listed (pushing a central data point to the end).

... not sure why Microsoft isn't fixing bugs like this.

To explain this problem in a different way:


  1. In a chart, select the "change color" drop-down (specifically I choose one of the continuous shading options, but any is fine).  Many color options are listed, each shows a list of colors to be assigned to the chart.
  2. You would expect the colors in the list of colors selected in "change color" to be distributed in the same order as the "Select Data" pop-up, "Legend entries (Series)" list.  For example, if 10 colors are in the selected list, you would expect the first color assigned to the first charted element, the second color to the second charted element, etc... (looping at the end, if there are more charted elements than colors).

As time go on, as the "Legend..." list is added to and deleted from, this is no longer the case.  Especially when a continuous shading is selected, and you get a hap-hazard assignment of colors when compared to the listed series.  Not quite hap-hazard: it looks to assign the first element to some nth color (not the first listed color), and cycle through the colors from there.


I see this in other ways too: I'd also expect "option+up/down" arrow to traverse elements in the series in the same order as listed in the "Legend..." list.  That order is lost too.


I also see an occasional error that is very similar: while the chart elements are shown in the chart properly (in the order listed in the "Legend..." list), a data table at the bottom will sometimes place an item in the middle of the chart at the end of the data table.  This is fairly rare (once a month).

Is there any way to get support from Microsoft on this?
Or maybe there's a better forum for Excel charting questions?
Could someone please suggest a better forum for Excel charting issues?