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Hi ALL, - Trying to create a single chart that shows the Actual as a bar and the Plan as a Line for each department by week.  I cant seem to figure out how to do this combo chart.   Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks!!

 WK - 2WK - 3WK - 4WK - 5WK - 6WK - 7
252101$1,080.00$4,317.00$6,480.00$6,636.00$10,800.00$8,551.00  $0.00$3,052.00$2,660.00$5,485.00
252115$426.00$130.00$426.00$209.00$426.00$272.00  $0.00$91.00$0.00$175.00
252119$6,534.00$3,211.00$6,993.00$5,233.00$25,092.00$6,920.00  $0.00$2,003.00$4,550.00$3,745.00
252135$409.00$0.00$409.00$0.00$409.00$0.00  $0.00$0.00  
252136$0.00$3.00$0.00$5.00$0.00$6.00  $0.00$2.00$0.00$4.00
252137$2,780.00$3,898.00$3,860.00$5,755.00$9,560.00$7,755.00  $0.00$3,214.00$3,880.00$5,658.00
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Can you give us an idea what you want the chart to look like?

@Hans Vogelaar


I would like vertical bars for each of the six account number Actuals grouped by week.  Then the Plan numbers over each actual in each group.  These Plan numbers are different for each account.  Sorry, I cant seem to cut and paste any pictures into the post.  Thanks.


Try dragging an image file into a reply.