Changing row height in Excel

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Hi guys

I'm new to excel and would appreciate some help.

I have set up a table and when I enter text into one cell I want the cell to have fixed width but to increase in height as the text goes down to the next line.


I am using Office 365




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Hello @Happymathematician ,


Excel rows will auto-adjust the height if the cell with the text is set to Wrap Text. To do that, select the cells or the whole table column. Then, on the Home ribbon click the "Wrap Text" command.


Note that the row height will not auto-adjust for merged cells (one more reason to avoid merged cells). 


The title of the question is Changing row height in Excel.

Anyway, that's a grid, you can't change the height or width of individual cell, only of entire row or column. 

You may merge cells, however that is not recommended practice.