Changing one value in a cell with multiple values when dragging in a vertical series

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I need a formula to change a number in the middle of my data when I drag down to fill. for example, in the data series w-100-22, w-101-22, etc. I need to be able to drag fill with the middle number increasing while the "w" and "22" stay the same

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Thanks for the response! I found that one but I need it to not be associated with the row number so when I sort, the center number doesn't change with which row its on
If the "w-" and the "-22" are just for 'show' you can change the Number Format to 'more formats' then select custom and under 'Type' set the number format to w-000-22
This will DISPLAY what you want but the VALUE will only be the middle number. But when you type 100, 101 and then drag down it will fill accordingly. If you export the data it will export as the 100 instead of w-100-22. You could add another column and do the fill down 100, 101, ... and have the other column be ="w-"& [number range] &"-22"