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Hi- I have a workbook that links to multiple workbook in diferent locations.

I need to change many files from locations but I would like to change massively not going one by one.

For example:

I have the following route to many files 'G:\2. Take Over 2\Profesional\Omma\Prácticas\8. Retorno Absoluto\Fondos\

And I want to change them to: G:\RF\

Do you know how can I do it? Thank you for your help!

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Hope I got it right

You want to change the link path on multiple hyperlinks ... if so then you could do it with VBA.


Sub ReplaceallHyperlink()
    Dim oldPath As String
    Dim newPath As String
    Dim myLink As Hyperlink
    ' Attention: Pay attention to upper / lower case, is important for the replacement 
   oldPath = "C:\Users\nikolino\Downloads\Orga\"
   newPath = "C:\Users\nikolino\OneDrive\niko\Orga\Description\Quotation\"
    ' run through all hyperlinks in the sheet, sheet name must be adapted
    For Each myLink In Sheets("NikolinoDE").Hyperlinks

        ' and swap the old part for the new part in the address of the link 
 myLink.Address = Replace(myLink.Address, oldPath, newPath)
End Sub


Hope I was able to help you with this info.


I would be happy to know if I could help.



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@NikolinoDE Thank you!

I will try it later

So far I have done it with find and replace changing the path. However your way looks much more clean.

I will revert.

Thank you again.