Changing Date For Night Shift Employees

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Hi Guys, I'm having a problem placing Employee logs in a single row due to changing dates the next day in their logs. I want to know if there's a formula I can use to set their login according to the Day they punched "In". Example:




Thanks Guys

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can you send small portion of file so we can try something

Hi! Sorry I can't seem to find the attach file here but here's the sample file:

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@ronaldonaire Just added one column to the time-log that determines the Clock IN time for each entry, based on the Break Type. Then, the pivot table can be like I inserted in the Final Data tab, from row 16.

@Riny_van_Eekelen Thank you for your answer I have tried it and it works! Can you tell me how did you split your created Clock IN row to be able to show minutes, hours and Days? I can't recreate what you did here.  




@ronaldonaire When I dragged the Clock IN field into the rows area, it automatically created fields for days, hours and minutes. Then I reformatted the pivot table and unchecked the Clock IN, Minutes and Hours fields. 

It worked! Thank you again for your answer, it helped me a lot!