Changing column width within a page

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Hi.  I'm hoping this is a relatively easy question.  Is there a way to change the column width within a spreadsheet for different rows within the sheet?  If so, how?

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No, that is not possible. All cells within a column have the same width, and all cells within a row have the same height.


You can simulate different widths to some extent by merging cells, but I would avoid that unless you absolutely need to.

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Thanks. I'll stop looking!


I'll first agree strongly with the response you got from @Hans Vogelaar , specifically his warning against simulating different widths by merging cells. Doing that interferes with a lot of Excel functions for manipulating data,


Could I also back up and ask why you were seeking to do that in the first place? What is the nature of the information in your spreadsheet? Might you be better served by a table in Word?

Thanks. If it was important and I would be sharing with others, I would do that. But this is just for me so I didn't want to spend time on it--it was cutting and pasting from other spreadsheets to give me a roadmap for what I need to do to fix something in the near future (I'm old, my mind doesn't keep things in memory anymore, etc.) Anyway, I have two spreadsheets which I shall delete now that I have it in one central spreadsheet, but the two have different info and corresponding column widths. The steps for me to remember have a beginning from one, the bulk of the second, and back to the first spreadsheet columns for the end. I'll just re-size the columns as I work my way through the sections. But if there WAS a way to hit alt-cntl-7 or something, that would have been great.