Changing color of connector lines in a waterfall chart for Mac

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I am assembling a waterfall chart in Excel for Mac and I want dark, visible connector lines. However, when I highlight the connector lines I can't separate them from the border around the bars in the chart. This means when I make the connector lines dark, the borders of the bars in the chart turn black too- which I don't want. Can anyone explain how to separately change the color of the connector lines? Thanks!

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1. Right-click on the connector line and select Format Data Series
2. Under the series options, select Fill & Line
3. Select Fill
4. Select desires color

To change the Border line color
Select Border and select preferred color

@Abiola1 That changes the border lines of the data - not the connector lines. We need to have no lines around the data but connector lines on a different-than-default background color. That's the problem.


As far as I can tell, there's no native support, but here's my workaround (all lines are the same).

1. Click the entire data series (all bars / lines should be highlighted)

2. Change the fill / line settings to what you want the connector lines to be

3. Double-click one of the bars

4. Change the fill / line settings back to what you want that bar to be

5. Repeat for all bars