Changing absolute hyperlinks to relative

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This is a follow-up to this discussion.


I made all my image hyperlinks as absolute links [ex: =HYPERLINK("S:\Main\Business Card registry\Scanned Cards\"&B2&" "&D2&".jpg",B2&" "&C2&" "&D2) ] but now I need to move all the images to another server.


So I tried to change them to a relative link =HYPERLINK(Business Card registry\Scanned Cards\"&B2&" "&D2&".jpg",B2&" "&C2&" "&D2) and it "can't open the specified file".


So, what do I need to do differently?


I tried going to Info > Properties > Advanced Properties > Summary > Hyperlink base to change it to Business Card registry\Scanned Cards but that didn't work either.


Any help would be appreciated. I don't want to have to go through and relink 700+ images.


edit: the folder is on a Box shared server, if that makes a difference

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so you had =HYPERLINK("S:\Main\Business Card registry\Scanned Cards\"&B2&" "&D2&".jpg",B2&" "&C2&" "&D2)

now you replaced it with
=HYPERLINK(Business Card registry\Scanned Cards\"&B2&" "&D2&".jpg",B2&" "&C2&" "&D2)

there is definitely a problem with your second link there is no drive letter at the begining.
when you say another server what is the drive letter ?

There is no drive letter, the files are stored on Box.

Should I put the URL instead?