Changing a Photo based on cell Value in Excel

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Running Excel "Office365 for Business"  I want to type in a photo file name and have the image shown change to the filename from a folder the excel file sits in:



Columns A, B, E, F, G, & H always stay the same.

Column C will contain the image name

Column D is the Image - Note: the image must be named "Picture" & the number in Column A

There are 188 photos that would need to be modified based on the value of Column C.


This is a much larger project then just this worksheet and will have to be able to change based on where the excel file resides.





I have already defined the worksheet as a TABLE with the columns NAMED and correspond with other worksheets in the file.

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Here are some suggested solutions, see the file, even if I did not understand what exactly your plan is. The translation doesn't help either.


But I recommend you insert a file (without sensitive data) and explain your project in detail in this file. Knowing which Excel version and operating system you have at the same time would be beneficial for everyone involved.


Recommend you to read this link:

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