Changing a formula column to the result not the formula

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I have a current pricelist in excel that I want increase by 3%.

I want to take the existing column of numbers and increase that by 3% and avoid having to type the finished numbers in a separate column and then delete the original column.

Can anybody help please?




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First, may I ask what that desired 3% increase has to do with the spreadsheet you posted? In it, one column is 55% higher than the other.


Are you familiar with the Paste.....Special menu possibility? You could

  • create a column where the original column is multiplied by 1.03 for that 3% increase.
  • Then highlight that column,
  • then use the Edit....Copy menu selection (or Ctrl-C, Cmnd-C in Mac).
  • Put the cursor at the top of the first column
  • then Edit...Paste Special, and select Values or Values and Number Formats  and paste over the original numbers with the new, that are 3% higher than the old.
  • Delete that helper column


Thank you very much mathetes. This is what I need I think.
Thank you John this absolutely worked. Saved me a heap of time. Brennan