Change the row-to-row increment value when copying down a column, from +1 to +10

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OK, I'm learning about certain functions etc and I'm having a brain fart. I assume the ROW or INDEX will help me but I'm tired!


Essentially I have a Sheet which pulls data from other sheets to create a Summary. 

So I have a formula on sheet2 that is

     A1              ¦     B1

=Sheet1!A100 ¦  =Sheet1!G100     (etc)


What I want when the formula is copied down is for the next for to be :

A1                    ¦    B1

=Sheet1!A110 ¦  =Sheet1!G110   1etc


What I get under normal methods is this: 

A1                    ¦    B1

=Sheet1!A101 ¦  =Sheet1!G101


Can some explain in basic terms how I do this so I can build on this method for the entire sheet. Thanks in advance. 




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You can try this formula in cell A1.


You can try this formula in cell B1.

indirect address.JPG

indirect sheet1.JPG

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Usually there are more than one way to get to Rome. Here is another possibility with OFFSET():



@GettingThereSlowly Although you have already accepted a solution, try this in A1:


In B1, just update the column reference to G:G.


Thank you - always happy to get more its such a simple thing that im sure the different ways will have their usages!
Oooo This one is very elegant I like this!