Change the default cell formatting for new sheets

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Every time I create a new sheet in this workbook the default formatting for all cells are set to 'date'. The only solution i found is select the whole sheet and set it to 'general' formatting every time I create a new sheet . I can't find where i change the default setting for this. Already tried to clean %AppData%\Roaming\Microsoft\Excel\XLSTART folder.

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Format an Excel table

This allows you to create a default template with the default formatting if desired.



@NikolinoDE thanks for the reply, but your solution isn't even close to be related to my problem.

To clarify -please note that my terminology may be wrong- do you know when you click in the little 'plus' icon in the bottom row of the sheets you are working on? Well it creates a new sheet, but in my case all cells of this new sheet is set to be a 'date' type cell. When I paste some data in it it automatically converts to a date in witch I hope I will not be alive anymore. It's not a date, its the price of a hotdog I ate last night...