change duplicate entries at the same time.

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I am using Money in excel for the first time.  I have several duplicate bank entries of the same merchant.  How can I change them all at once to a particular category?  For example- I have several Walgreen entries.  I have them organized by merchant so they are in consecutive order.  How can I have it change all Walgreen entries to a particular category I have?   I will have a similar situation with a particular dollar amount.  I need to have it change all entries of  lets say $36.19 to the same category. 

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@Heidib3125 Without seeing your file, I suggest you use VLOOKUP (or XLOOKUP) to add standard categories to Merchants. Not sure about your intention, though, of applying "the same categories to all specific dollar amounts"


More about these functions here: 


If this is to be a one-off manual data correction process, use sort and filter to bring the data fields to be edited together in a block.  Select the range and input the new data but commit the data entry with Ctrl/Enter.


If it is to be a repeat ETL (extract/transform/load) activity then set up the rules in Power Query.  Joins will permit additional categorisations of data to be added or existing values can be adjusted.


If the source data is to remain unaltered but you wish to add categories by formula then the VLOOKUP / XLOOKUP functions will perform similar lookups from tables you provide.