Change Cell Reference but Only Row Changes

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I am having a hard time dealing with my file I hope someone can lend me a hand. I need to do cell referencing but the column should remain the same while there should be a +1 change to the row being referenced. The thing is, they are columns apart even though they lie on the same row. I cannot provide a screencap as of the moment but it's something like I will reference A1 in K12, then A2 in R12. I still tried using =$A1+1 knowing that it will not work since Column A contains characters.

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You might try (I'm trying to avoid OFFSET and INDIRECT):
Hello! Thanks for reaching out! What I want to do, if possible, is if I can make K1='INPUT DATA'!A2 into S1='INPUT DATA'!A3 by just dragging the selected cells to the right to create multiple copies. Is there any possible way I can do this?