Change bar graph color based on cell color

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Trying to figure out how to change bar graph colors based on the color of cells. In older excel versions there was a button that said "apply cell colors from spreadsheet". The cells are colored from conditional formatting if that matters. 



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I am not aware of such an option and I've been using Excel since 1996. That being said, if you need conditional colors for a bar chart, the way to implement that is to have a separate column of data for each condition which contains either a value when the condition is met, or #N/A when not. A bit complicated to explain, Jon Peltier does a pretty good job here:

@Jan Karel Pieterse I'll take a look and see if I can make it work. This is the youtube video that I referenced before:


It's basically what I'm trying to accomplish

This video explains how to use spreadsheet cell colors or conditional formatting to drive your Mekko Graphics chart colors.
Aha, that video demonstrates use of an add-in (Mekko charts?) which apparently has the capability you're looking for.