Change All Date Web Queries In Work At Once Updating Cryptocurrency

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I have six sheets with a history of the past 3 months of prices on 6 cryprocurrencies. I pulled the data for each sheet using the Power Query on  Example:

Is there a way to change the start and end dates on all the queries at once? Instead of changing each source one at at time? So that it would be easy to update daily if needed? EXCEL 2013 WINDOWS


Is there a way to lookup on each sheet (crypto) the highest price during the 3 month period and place it on a separate sheet along side the name of the currency?


I was figuring that if this was possible then I could put the current price (from api) next to it. In a pullback or down market. Then I could divide the new price into the older highest price giving a X profit potential if this price at least returned to the old price. 


Then I could use this to pick out which cryptos would be giving me the biggest bang for my buck.

I have attached the one I did manually. This takes a long time and prices continually change and the potentials can go down or up before I can place an order .


This could also be used in deciding which cryptos to sell in an upmarket. As you could probably show the current percentage gain from purchase price.


It's is a Thought and I just barely know how to do add subtract and divide in excel. Thanks for taking the time to reading this.


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How about using a parameter (type text) for start date ("20171102") and end date ("20180202") and use these parameters in the source step of your queries? Replace the hard coded dates in the URL with your parameters.


Hope this is what you were looking for.