Change a dropdown list based on date values in another cell

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Hi all,


I'm using Microsoft 365 on my work pc and want to be able to automatically change a dropdown list entry based on a date and when that date occurs, if that's possible.


I have a spreadsheet that lists when students are on a placement, the date it starts and the date it ends.


My dropdown 'Stage of Application' has 5 entries, 'Requested', 'In Progress', 'Ended', 'On Hold', & 'Cancelled'.


In another column I have 'Start Date of Placement' and next to that, another column 'End Date of Placement'. These dates are populated as soon as a placement is requested.


If it is possible, I would like the dropdown list to automatically change from 'Requested' to 'In Progress' when the date entered in the 'Start Date of Placement'is reached and again change to Ended when the date in the next column is reached.


I'm very good at following examples for formulas, formatting etc but not so good at understanding how it all works! I don't want to add macros to this spreadsheet as our IT department doesn't like us using them.


Thanks in advance for any advice.

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