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Hi Guys!
Win10, Office 365 Business, Version 2209 Build 15629.20208
I feel like this isn't a new problem but I can't quite find the problem online as of yet. I know I can take a cell and show the value of a different cell. I'm looking to do the opposite of that, where data is input into one cell and that data is saved else where but can be recalled if it needs to. 

In this scenario we're doing Quality Control Testing on computer repairs before sending them back to customers. Not everything thing repaired ends up passing QC so it has to go back to a worker for them to further diagnose and fix.

The way I have it in my head is - worker picks QC Run # then the cells underneath update to the appropriate cells according to the Run #.

QC Run 1 has it's values stored in their respective cells. However if it fails final testing it has to be done again.
A worker will click QC Run 2 and will input the new values.
and so on.
However I want to be able to recall previous data should the repair fail.

In my words, I want cell ('Worksheet 1' C3) to literally be ('Worksheet 2' F2) or F14, or F26 depending on the modifier. Not just show the data from the respective cells, I want to be able to write in that cell without having to navigate to it.


Is that I'm able to do within Excel?


Thanks folks!
(I can't seem to upload the .xlsx file?)

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