Cell text disappearing when freezing the cell

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Hi everyone, 

I'm hoping someone can help as I cannot seem to find any similar situations. 


I'm using Excel for Mac 2016. I've created a spreadsheet that has my headings in row 1. A selection of them are formatted at an alignment orientation of 45 degrees ( seen in the screen grab ' Screen 1'). 

I want to freeze this top row. ( I usually have no issue working with freezing panes etc.) 


When I select to either freeze a selection of cells, first row or first column, the text in the 45 degree orientated cells disappears! You cannot view it ( As you seen in 'screen 2' ) but can view the heading text that is not oriented at this angle. However, if you click on the cell the original title will still show on the formula bar. Help! I would like all of these headings to be oriented, but show when I freeze the row ( for obvious reasons being able to scroll down across multiple rows and still know which column I am on).


I have tried to lock and unlock the cells, I have also tried various other cell formating such as Text / General / Custom. Nothing seems to make these cells show their headings when frozen. If the cells are oriented to 90 degrees they do show. So at 0 and 90 degrees they show, but anything in between they don't. 


Is there a fix for this? Thank you so much! 

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