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When I type in a cell, number format being "Number", a formula =500/22, the result in the cell is what I typed.  If I type +500/22, the result is 22.727272.  I want the cell to show the 500/22, but entering the = sign before the formula is not as easy/efficient as the key pad does not use the = sign.  Any suggestions?  This worksheet I use is an old worksheet that I keep updating. 

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So, are you wanting that cell to show 500/22 or =500/22 ?
If you are wanting =500/22, you could precede the = sign with a space or an apostrophe and it will display as text. Another way would be to enter the formula =500/22 in another cell and then, in the cell you are focused on, you could type =formulatext( ) and enter the cell reference where you typed the formula in between the parentheses.

Will you type =500/22 or +500/22 the result shown within the cell will be exactly the same, 22.72727.


Another story if your cell is formatted as "Number", in formula bar you see =500/22 and 22.72727 accordingly.

However, if you format (before typing your numbers) it as "General" in both cases in formula bar it will be shown =500/22. If you format after on Number the formula bar keeps =500/22