Cell referencing not working with mailmerge

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Hi. I run around 20 different reports and I use mailmerge and some VB Script (credit and thanks to IMNOSS) to run Word and Pdf output and put the results into folders.  All works fine.  Unfortunately the folder paths are hard-coded into the spreadsheet. I have an issue in that if I move the folders the mailmerge docs are in, they of course need redirecting.  I designed a Master spreadsheet with the folder path names and linked the address to the correct cell in the master spreadsheet.  When I look at the results in the spreadsheet the folder paths are correct, they've been picked up from the master spreadsheet.  When I try to run the VB Script it fails as it doesn't recognise the folder paths.  I'm using the = and the cell reference so all correct in that area.  Does running a VB Script miss the linking? I'm at the end of my skillset and tether here too.  Look forward to receiving some wisdom.  Many thanks



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