Cell references rows or columns to separated cells

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Hello community from Germany,


i need your help, regarding the following problem.


I am searching for a solution to refer column A in "Tabelle2" to the 9 red marked cells in "Tabelle3" with a few clicks (see the pictures below). I was trying to construct a macro but it turns out, that only column A from row 2-10 is copied into the empty cells the whole time. I need to fill in the first 9 products, print the worksheet "tabelle3" and start with row 11 upt to 19 just by starting the macro.


Maybe there is an easier solution solving my problem (maybe without a macro). Has anyone an idea?

Thank you!




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That actually looks to me as if you'd be better served using your Excel table as a data source and Word's Mail Merge capability for creating the printable documents. I know that's what I'd do. Mail Merge could pick off items from the data table based on various criteria, creating labels (if that's what you have there) with ease.