Cell is equal to the most recent input

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Does anyone know what formula I should be using?!


I want a formula that can look at the status of all the invoices (2nd picture), and if they all say 'Paid,' then take the month of the most recent input and put it into the date of final invoice cell (1st picture). (The status of the invoices can be "Prepared," "Sent," or "Paid")


Screenshot 2022-08-15 104326.png


Screenshot 2022-08-15 104418.png


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Hi @YoloSpaceMuffin,

I hope I have interpreted your wish correctly. I'm afraid you haven't told us everything. Have a look at the enclosed example. I have created an IF() query that checks whether everything has been paid and, if so, gives you the maximum value for the date.
Does this come close to what you have in mind?

That is exactly what I'm looking for!
What is the formula that you used?