Cell Format to Currency not working

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After I convert a cell to a currency format, the currency symbol does not show. Even when I convert it using the custom format, it does not show.

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what happens if you select the cell, press F2 and then immediately press Tab or Enter?

Absolutely nothing. It remains the same. One other issue I have noticed (Not sure if it is related) When I enter a simple formula like =SUM(CELL1:CELL2) it gives an error regardless if all the cells are formatted the same numeric format.


Could you upload a sample workbook without sensitive data to a cloud service such as OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox or similar. Obtain a link to the uploaded file and post the link in a reply.


Thanks. The values in D3:D5 are left-aligned, a tell-tale sign that Excel treats them as text.

I notice that the values contain a point (dot). If your computer uses comma as decimal separator, Excel won't recognize the points. So select D3:D5 and replace point with comma. Does that make a difference?

Nooooo Way! No way....No FKN way.....unbelievable!
Thanks Buddy....That solved the problem.


In the "Format Cells" window, after you select the "Currency" category, you will see an option to also select a "Symbol" for the currency type (located directly below the "Decimal Places" box). Simply use the drop-down cursor and select the $ symbol.