Cell display the "slicer choice" in excel

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Hi community,


I need help about connected a cell to a slicer. I created a table with some diameter intervals. For each intervals, a number is corresponding (like 7 for diameters from 5 to 10 mm).

I created a Slicer for the diameter table, and I want when I click on a diameter interval in the slicer ; the green cell "corresponding of the diameter selection" display the corresponding number.


For exemple, if I click in the slicer on "10 to 15 mm" , the green box would display "12".


I prefer using a slicer than a dropdown list function as possible, for my final dashboard design.

This would help me a lot for my engineering internship.


Thanks for your support !


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@NicoF06ppt Create a small pivot table that you can hide under the slicer (linked to the pivot table, not the diameter list) and then connect the cell that should display the number corresponding to the selected diameter to a named cell in the pivot table. See attached example.

Thank you very much @Riny_van_Eekelen !
That's the first time I use this support chat and I am very happy to see that my problem is solved so fast
Have a nice day